Unique investment opportunities can transform the Greek entrepreneurship scene with innovative ideas developed by dedicated teams ready to build the next world-class companies

AdrionBAN is a Business Angels Network of high added-value and confidentiality

It consists of more than 70 Business Angels from South-East Europe, who are willing to invest in innovative Startups and SMEs mainly in Greece. Their financing capability ranges from 20.000€ up to 500.000€ while financing can be achieved either through Share Capital Increase or Convertible Bonds.

The Network has been established in October 2015 and since then it has successfully signed more than 12 deals which accounts for raise of funding of almost 2 million euros. Notable deals were signed with Cosmos Holdings Inc., Apollo S.A., Wadja Ltd, Hotel Feedback Ltd, etc.

The purpose of AdrionBAN is the creation of a successful and profitable community of Business Angels, in order to strengthen new and innovative business ideas, which are characterized by competitive advantages, market opportunities, high-growth scalability, and extroversion. Also, the Network is addressed to existing enterprises with innovative features, extroversion, strong competitive characteristics, and anticipated high-growth rate.

The motivation and the idea conception behind the creation of AdrionBAN was the success and the strong interest, which was expressed unanimously by Business Angels Network, who participated in the European SMARTInno program. Through the program, Atlantis Consulting S.A. initiated the creation of the Network with an ulterior motive the financing of business proposals by private investors, a.k.a. Business Angels.

AdrionBAN constitutes part of the qualified financial tools and services offered by Atlantis Consulting S.A., who has achieved to prepare and support the funding of numerous and notable entrepreneurs, not only by attracting private institutions (BAs, VCs, etc.) but also contributing to the successful implementation of the projects. Atlantis Consulting is the exclusive manager of the Network.

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