In order to give the chance to the Investors of the network to meet with aspiring entrepreneurs and acquire a deeper insight of the interesting cases, we organize challenging events. Those meet-ups can help an entrepreneur connect, socialize, and gain a better understanding of what Investors expect and present his/her case to the Business Angels of AdrionBan, targeting at their financial support.

We have already organized 5 Business Angels Forums since 2015 with more than 70 start-ups participating in them and the majority of members joining the initiative to listen to attractive investment opportunities. Forums are crucial for every start-up that has achieved investment readiness and is ready to claim funding.

You can find more information about past events below:

Press Releases

Adrion BAN is dedicated in providing to its startups and investors useful and valuable content so as to inform them about the Greek startup eco-system. Vital for all the entrepreneurs is to completely comprehend the start-up environment so to adapt accordingly, with news and information from Greece and Europe. Conversely, investors gain information about new start-ups in the eco-system and observe existed start-ups about the new achievements and accomplishments.

ATLANTIS Consulting S.A. representing the Business Angels Network “AdrionBAN”  as well dynamically made its strong presence and shared its innovative mark, through its participation in BEYOND – EXPO 2022, which was organized for the 2nd year at the premises of Helexpo (Pavilions 13 & 15), from September 29 to October 1, 2022.

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On June 17th, 2021, the 6th Business Angels Forum was held, organized by the AdrionBAN team. The event was closed, by invitation only, and took place online. Thirteen selected startups were given the opportunity to present their business plans to a specially formed audience consisting of Business Angels of the network.

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The new international regional cooperation project BLUEMED PLUS, which is implemented in the context of Interreg MED Programme, started in June 2021. BLUEMED PLUS studies initiatives at the Adriatic Sea (Greece, Italy, Albania, Montenegro) for the sustainable and responsible exploitation of the Underwater Cultural Heritage, through the development of accessible underwater cultural heritage sites and knowledge awareness centers (KACs). Project’s aim is to lead to relative future projects in Puglia (Italy), Budva (Montenegro) and Vlore (Albania), for which projects the responsible regions and local stakeholders, will seek for funding from investors, who are active in the Adriatic. Below, you may have access to BLUEMED PLUS press release, which briefly describes the project’s main information and objectives.

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