Adrion BAN is an invaluable and high-quality network characterized by full discretion in the frame of which only business proposals that possess the required “investment-readiness” will be channeled to the members. The BAN is managed by Angelos Manglis who is highly experienced in supporting SMEs and start-ups to access the market, by making sure that the BAN functions at its highest potential and in accordance with the BAN’s unique operational framework.

Investment-ready proposals are not only ideas that are accompanied by a comprehensive business plan but also cases that meet specific preferences and criteria of their corresponding interests and potential investors-shareholders.

“Investment-readiness is essential as the bridge that provides the financial and fundraising capability that investors and funders expect from entrepreneurs, thereby significantly increasing the chances of being funded. Entrepreneurs need to prepare before they approach investors in order to master their options and gain credibility. An investee must show that poses the attributes, which makes him an investable proposition by an appropriate investor for the finance he is seeking.”

~ Imola Antal,

The Network offers a unique operational framework which:

  • Provides knowledge within the framework of sharing best practices and learning from each other.
  • Provides networking as it creates an arena for members and entrepreneurs to meet and exchange valuable comments.
  • Visibility by helping entrepreneurs present their vision.
  • Training and consultancy for the continuous learning and expertise of its members.


Basic principles of the network:

  • Compliance with full discretion, confidentiality, and total anonymity regarding any issue related to the BAN’s entrepreneurs and investors. The only exception comprises the case of a meeting arrangement among the concerned members (Entrepreneur – one or more Entrepreneurial Angels).
  • Full confidentiality concerning the information that will be channeled and disseminated for the support of the network’s
  • No participants’ fee, registration fee or any other cost.
  • The entrepreneurs, who are seeking finance, enter into a privately signed contract and undertake to pay a success fee based on the acquired funding in the AdrionBAN manager, namely Atlantis Consulting S.A. This is not necessary for companies pitching at Business Angels Forums.
  • There is no cost for the Business Angels participating in the network.


Operating principles of the network:

  • Every time a case is characterized as investment-ready, our network acts as a mediator between the representatives of the case and the community members, by introducing the case to potential investors within the community.
  • Taking into consideration the interests of both parties and always in line with their individual aims, we undertake all essential actions to ensure a successful deal will occur in case a member expresses a strong interest in a case, and both parties agree to cooperate.

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